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We prepared answers to common questions that we recieve. If you didnt find an answer, do not hesitate to contact us!
You may send your questions through the contact form on this website. We speak Czech, English, Russian, Spanish and French.

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Apartment FAQ

  • Does the price of the rental include service charges? +

    The total rental price comprises of rent and utilities. The cost of utilities may be slightly modified depending on the amount of people living in a rented apartment. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, or for a specific calculation.
  • What is kitchen equipment in the apartment? +

    Whether you want to prepare a quick cup of coffee or a full gourmet meal, our superbly appointed kitchens contain everything you require. According to your lifestyle, you may choose to make your own breakfast, enjoy homemade lunch in your dining room, or choose an outside restaurant.
  • Do you have pet policy? +

    Pets are allowed with prior agreement. An additional fee might be charged to accommodate your pets with you. This fee vary based on the length of your stay.
  • How do I know what residence suits me the most? +

    We will be happy to consult your choice of residence. Our goal is to find you a new home in a convenient location and at excellent value.
  • Can I see the apartment before I make a choice? +

    Of course! We have trained staff who speaks your language and will be happy to show you around the apartment and guide you through the vicinity and neighbourhood. You will not pay for this and also you will pay no commissions to an agent or to a broker.
  • What equipment is in the apartment? Are they furnished? +

    Please consult the details of a specific apartment. If your question was not answered, contact us through this website.
  • Do your residences offer parking? +

    Parking options depend on the specific residence and on available space. Please contact us for more details regarding parking.
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Payment and Deposit FAQ

  • Do you charge a commission for your rentals? +

    Absolutely no! PrestigeApartments owns the residences and therefore we dont need to pay anyone anything. Save money by renting apartments directly from the owner.
  • Is there a deposit? +

    Yes, we will ask you to pay an advance deposit. The sum of the deposit is the total rent (including utilities) for one month. This deposit will be returned to you after your contract expires, provided there were no annomalies during your stay. Please note that this deposit can not be used to pay the rent for the last month.
  • When do I have to pay the rent? +

    We ask to pay the rent in advance for the next month. The payment needs to be credited to our bank account before the 5th of the month for which the rent is payed.
  • Can I pay the rent in cash or in a foreign currency? +

    Sure, rent can be paid in cash or in a foreign currency at our offices at Bilkova 18. However to make it easier for you, we prefer all payments by bank transfer. Just ask for our bank transfer details. In order to reserve an apartement, we would need a bank transfer deposit.
  • Where can I find your bank details? +

    Please consult your contract, all details are there. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us using the details on this website.
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