Privacy Policy

We guarantee to protect your privacy. We take great care to make sure you receive the best protection possible for your personal information and any financial details that you provide. The PrestigeApartments website is a secure site, and any personal data we collect from you is safe from misuse. We abide by the Data Protection Act 2002 of 14 March 2002 and we make sure that any personal information we hold is handled properly. This means that your information will be fairly and lawfully processed, that we will make sure that it is accurate, and that your information is not kept for longer than necessary. Your information will be kept secure and processed in line with your rights under the Data Protection Act 2002 of 14 March 2002 and will not be transferred to countries (whether inside or outside of the European Economic Area) without ensuring that adequate protection is in place. As is normal for any retailer or other organization, we use reputable businesses from time to time to supply us with a range of services such as delivery of parcels and printing of materials and it may be necessary to share your information, e.g. name/address details for parcel delivery, with those businesses. We will, of course, ensure that your information is secure and adequately protected and processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2002.



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